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Alright guys so this is all I have right now cuz I’m on the plane and still on a Hanson high. But this is the only thing I have on my iPod. But this is the picture everyone got signed.

So fun story about this, at Taylor’s cooking thing my friend asked if they were going to take pictures at the signing so everyone (aka the brazilians) would leave them alone. He said no and that he was kinda throwing himself under the bus but to bring on the mob. So after that apparently the island gigs people who were running it talked to the brazilians and told them to take it down a few notches and then said they would all get pictures monday. They had a talk with hanson and decided to do pictures with everyone. Island gigs people have apparently never had an artist that people wanted photos with and hanson understated their fan base to these people I guess.

At the actual signing I walked up and it was Ike, zac and Taylor on the far end they shook everyone’s hand, pretty sure I was just looking at zac when I shook Ike’s hand, really can you blame me (especially since I got a picture with him after the second show lol), but they were being really nice and they all seemed happy and zac like leaned in and was all how are you and I died cuz eye contact and hand contact and shit! Lol.

As I was shaking zac and Taylor’s hands I said hey and thanks for doing this and zac got a big smile and said are you kidding, thank you and Taylor said of course, all kind of simultaneously. Then I stood between zac and Taylor for my picture, said thank you again and Taylor said see you at the show tonight and it sounded like he was asking so I turned around and said yes and he gave me a big smile and I died ok.

So my brother was the only single guy there i think. Most of them were all bfs or husbands and he had been hanging out with a group of girls and they were about 20 people in front of us and they must have said something to the guys cuz when he got up there Isaac goes so your the single guy we’ve heard so much about? Your a wise man. Lol so my brother decided over the trip that he doesn’t like Taylor at all so he didn’t even want t stand next to him so he said he was just gonna stand on the outside of Ike and zac put on an over exaggerated shocked/sad face I guess And was like what? And Ike just goes why don’t you stand I between me and zac. And then for the picture zac goes alright everyone look manly.(have I mentioned how much I love him, he’s just such a dork ugh)

Idk how john just like talked to all of them before this like at the shows he just happened to be in the right place at the right time and at the bar he talked to Ike and told him it was his first show and I hate him pretty much cuz what how does that happen. But this was just supposed to be about the signing so ya. At the show that night Taylor was like this is the first time I can say we’ve taken pictures with all of you, I feel like we know you differently now.

Alright so first installment of Hanson back to the island recap. I tend to ramble idk how much you guys want to know sooo ya :)

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